Dated: 06/19/2015

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Today I showed a few homes to a client. She liked one of them in #zip21234, but it is an "as is". She asked me what if there is something major broken in the house and she would not learn it until she settles in the home?

Whether it is being sold "as is" or seller willing to do some repairs, REMEMBER, your offer can be contingent on Home Inspection.

 The home inspection is to protect and educate you as the buyer, for you to learn what is good about the home you are buying and what needs to be done. If there is a defect in the structural or mechanical parts of the home, and you are unable to cover the cost, you can still legally walk away from the contract. That is if when you wrote the offer, it was contingent on home inspection.

 Home buying is not too complicated when you are being guided by a professional. 

If you have any questions about real estate, remember to GO WITH FLO!! 443-739-4455 cell, 410-602-3233 ext 520 ofc. [email protected]

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Florida Rodriguez

We just purchased our first home today and I cannot thank Florida enough for all her help. She is very professional and very thorough in assisting us since day 1. She always make herself available and....

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