Dated: 05/14/2016

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If your home shows signs of cracking, settling, or leaking, it is best to repair the foundation of your home to protect and insure its value. Leaking and poor foundation will devalue your home.

During extreme weather conditions, foundations are more prone to damaging. 

Extreme dryness or heat can cause the soil to shrink and contract. Wet Weather can cause soil to expand and create pressure. These can cause the fundation to crack, settle or bow. 

Signs of foundation repair you may notice may include horizontal and vertical cracks. Sheetrock cracks typically emanate out of doors and windows, make floors unlevel, doors and windows to stick, crack exterior brick veneer,make  bassment floors unlevel and crack garage slabs/floors.

Foundation repairs should be addressed before selling a home. If left unresolved, it can severely limit the sell of your home. 

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