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When you're getting  ready to sell, the best way to start the process is simply by sprucing up your home. Although Real Estate and Home Staging are separate services, they go hand in hand. What is the difference? Real Estate deals with prepping, marketing, selling, and repairs, while Home Staging is about the visual presentation of the property. Home staging is proven to assist real estate get better returns, by  appealing to bigger audience and getting more offers. 

Home Staging creates ambiance, more than the visual presentation. It makes the buyer imagine themselves living in the home. 

Here are a few simple ways in Home Staging: 


Clean your house. Remove any personal belongings, pictures or any memories hinting about your personal lives. You want the buyers to be able to imagine themselves living in your home. Pack away excess clothes, shoes and other personal belongings. Scrub cabinets, floors, countertops.


Splashing your walls, sometimes even cabinets/closet doors, lets the buyer see your house as a blank canvass. And that helps them imagine how they will decorate the walls, what furnitures to buy. 


Enhance lighting to make rooms inviting and warm. It is important to draw as much light as possible if you decide to keep bold or dark colors on the walls. 


Too much furnitures and decors can distract buyer from seeing the real space of your rooms. Every furniture should have a purpose. For example, a couchm, coffee table, chair  and a lamp may already be enough. 


With the neutral colors and minimal furnitures/decors, adding a pop of color can add personality. But don't get overboard, a simple colored pillow, or rug or a throw can be enough.

When staging your home: REMEMBER, LESS IS MORE. 

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