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When buying a home, it is good to know a few tips on your plumbing. 

1. Locate where your main water shut off valve is for the whole house. In case of major leaks, this will be very helpful. 

2. Shut off your water for the whole house when going on vacation. Why? This may prevent potential flooding from any leaks that may occur while you are away. 

3. Check the water pressure with a gauge you can buy from a local home improvement store. Testing the water pressure will help identify any problems with the Pressure Reducing Valve.

4. Avoid clogs. How? Simple. 

Do not wash coffee grounds down the sink, do not pour grease or oil down the kitchen sink, use chemical cleaners only when needed, do not flush big items such as feminine hygiene products down the toilet. In short, use common sense. 

5. Do you know thousands of people are scalded every year by tap water? It is recommended that the full on hot water temperature at the faucet be set between 120-125 degrees F.

6. Clean the disposal by grinding ice cubes. Use only cold water when the disposal is operating. IF your disposal needs a little freshening, use lemon peels. Read your maintenance manual.

7. Once a year, drain your water heater. This will prevent build up of sediment. This will help prevent premature rusting.

8. Insulate pipes before it gets cold!!! Running a steady drop of hot and cold water from your faucets may keep your pipes from freezing when temperature are at or below freezing. 

9. When making a service call, make the most out of it.  The technician can help refresh your memory where your main water shut off valve is. He can also check the water pressure, look at the heater, etc. 

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